AtomVM Update Instructions

v0.6.0-beta.1 -> v0.6.0-rc.0

  • Drivers that send messages from Esp32 callbacks should use new functions port_send_message_from_task, globalcontext_send_message_from_task or memory_destroy_heap_from_task instead of port_send_message, globalcontext_send_message and memory_destroy_heap.

v0.6.0-alpha.2 -> v0.6.0-beta.0

  • Registers are no longer preserved by GC by default when invoking nifs, as part of the fix of interpretation of the emulator of the live parameter of many opcodes. NIFs may need to call memory_ensure_free_with_roots and pass their arguments are roots, instead of memory_ensure_free or memory_ensure_free_opt.

  • Port call message tuple format has been changed, hence previous version of the standard library cannot be used. Libraries (or boot .avm file) from latest version must be used.

v0.6.0-alpha.0 -> v0.6.0-alpha.1

  • Libraries (or boot .avm file) from latest version must be used. Standard library from v0.6.0-alpha.0 cannot work on top of latest version.

  • Address (offset) of programs for Pico was changed from 0x100A0000 to 0x10100000. UF2 binaries need to be rebuilt with the proper offset using uf2tool.

  • On ESP32, SSID and PSK stored in NVS are no longer read by network module. Applications must fetch the values and pass them to network:start/1 or network:start_link/1.

  • The lib.avm partition is no longer supported on ESP32. If you have been using a spacialized partitioning of your ESP32 flash (uncommon), AtomVM will no longer try to load code off this partition name.