AtomVM Update Instructions

v0.6.0-alpha.0 -> v0.6.0-alpha.1

  • Libraries (or boot .avm file) from latest version must be used. Standard library from v0.6.0-alpha.0 cannot work on top of latest version.

  • Address (offset) of programs for Pico was changed from 0x100A0000 to 0x10100000. UF2 binaries need to be rebuilt with the proper offset using uf2tool.

  • On ESP32, SSID and PSK stored in NVS are no longer read by network module. Applications must fetch the values and pass them to network:start/1 or network:start_link/1.

  • The lib.avm partition is no longer supported on ESP32. If you have been using a spacialized partitioning of your ESP32 flash (uncommon), AtomVM will no longer try to load code off this partition name.