Welcome to AtomVM, the Erlang virtual machine for IoT devices!


AtomVM is a lightweight implementation of the the Bogdan Erlang Abstract Machine (aka, the BEAM), a virtual machine that can execute byte-code instructions compiled from Erlang or Elixir source code. AtomVM supports a limited but functional subset of the BEAM opcodes, and also includes a small subset of the Erlang/OTP standard libraries, all optimized to run on tiny micro-controllers. With AtomVM, you can write your IoT applications in a functional programming language, using a modern actor-based concurrency model, making them vastly easier to write and understand!

AtomVM includes many advanced features, including process spawning, monitoring, message passing, pre-emptive scheduling, and efficient garbage collection. It can also interface directly with peripherals and protocols supported on micro-controllers, such as GPIO, I2C, SPI, and UART. It also supports WiFi networking on devices that support it, such as the Espressif ESP32. All of this on a device that can cost as little as $2!

Getting Started

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